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Logs – 18 January

Frequency (kHz) Time (UTC) SINPO Notes
WNKR 1476 20:57 14321 DJ with London accent, music.
Orion Radio 5815 9:33 35323 Dutch pop. Off at 10:39.
Shortwave Cowboys 5815 10:40 34232 “I’d Do Anything for Love” (Meatloaf)
Geronimo Shortwave 5830 11:00 34333 British DX Club advert. “Burning Heart” (Survivor). Initially fair reception, but had faded out 15 minutes later.
Misti Radio (tent) 6210 11:09 24131 Just audible under the noise.
Mystery Radio 6220 8:30 44333

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  1. The 18:00 GMT transmission to Europe could hdlary be heard here in Germany: On 13,760 kHz Radio Peking was much stronger. By comparison to 15,245 kHz I could identify their interval sign below Radio Peking.On 15,245 kHz I could understand Korea but not much more. Neither my NRD-525G nor playing with AM/USB/LSB/ATT made them really understandable. The signal was at least 20 dB weaker than most signal near by. The noise sounded like intermodulation but did not react to the attenuator. And my RX should not have these problems Their news started at 18:08 GMT with music till then.

    Comment by OrlandoNovember 24, 2015, 15:42

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