Free Radio Randomness

Recent QSLs

Radio Altrex
6265kHz, email message with QSLs in 18 days. radioaltrex{-at-}live{-dot-}nl
Radio Armada
1665kHz, e-QSL and info letter in 3 days. radioarmada{-at-}gmail{-dot-}com
Atlantic 2000 International
6220kHz (via Mystery Radio), QSL-card and info sheet in 25 days. atlantic2000international{-at-}gmail{-dot-}com
Radio Bluebell
6220kHz (via Mystery Radio), QSL-card and info sheet in 44 days, v/s Pete Myers. Address: SRS Germany, PO Box 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany
Radio Boomerang
6305kHz, e-card and info letter in 6 days. box73{-at-}gmx{-dot-}net
Radio Calypso
1658kHz, e-card and photos in 4 days. calypso104{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Radio Fox 48
3905 kHz, e-card in 1 day. radiofox48{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Radio Free London
6400 kHz, email in 26 days, v/s Roger Dale. This was for their 40th birthday broadcast. They had been inactive since about 2003. rfl6400{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Radio Lowland
6325kHz, e-card in 6 hours. radiolowland{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Misti Radio
6240kHz, email message with an e-card (of a Peruvian mountain) in 8 hours. misty.shortwave{-at-}gmail{-dot-}com
Radio Mistletoe
3910kHz, e-card in 2 days, v/s Kris Kringle. radiomistletoe{-at-}live{-dot-}com
Playback International
5800kHz, e-card and 3 page history of radio in 10 days. playbackinternational{-at-}googlemail{-dot-}com
Radio Quintus
6285kHz, e-QSL in 7 days. radioquintus{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Radio Relmus
1650kHz, email message and photos in 1.5 days. relmusfm{-at-}hotmail{-dot-}com
Time Radio
6210kHz, e-card in 2 days. timeradio.shortwave{-at-}gmail{-dot-}com

Many thanks to all the stations above.

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